YTU, Besiktas, Istanbul, 23-24 October 2014


All the submitted papers are considered to be original which is under the responsibility of the authors. The symposium committees and Yildiz Technical University does not accept any responsibility for any conflict or legal problem.


a) All manuscripts will be submitted in PDF format. The pictures, graphs etc are preferred to be in colour.

b) Before submission please print a hard-copy of your manuscript and check the quality of pictures, graphics and symbols.

c) The manuscript should be written in Times New Roman style of MS Word or LaTEX programs. Please use Equation editor as much as possible to have appropriate print-outs of equations and special characters.

d) Page format is to be A4 having the following margins:
d) Left=Right=Top=2.50 cm and Bottom=2.00 cm.

e) Place page numbers and total number of pages centered at the page bottom.

f) All figures and tables should be referred in the text.

g) Number of published pages per manuscript are limited to 10 pages.

h) Please use SI units.

i) Manuscript template, please download here: www.int-nam.yildiz.edu.tr/2014/submission/template_INT-NAM2014.doc


Submit PDF file of your manuscript to INT-NAM 2014 EasyChair Conference System ( https://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=intnam2014 ).

If you are not registered our secretariat can help you at any stage. If you prefer to submit by e-mail, please send your manuscript-PDF to ( int-nam@yildiz.edu.tr )

Upon submission, the following actions will be taken:

a) The full-text of the manuscripts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee for content and appropriateness to the Symposium. Authors will then be notified of the Committee's decisions.

b) The accepted papers will be published in the symposium proceedings and provided to all registered authors.

c) Deadline for receipt of the manuscript is Sunday, AUGUST 24, 2014.

Reviews of the final papers will be managed online.

All the scientific contributions and kind efforts provided by the authors are gratefully appreciated.

INT-NAM 2014 Organizing Committee